How it all began.


Founded in 1965 as Alex Jacknau Präzisions-Mechanik, enhanced with Alex Jacknau Filmaufnahme- und Bearbeitungsgeräte GmbH, and today as JACKNAU GmbH on the market.

A production line was producing recording cameras and traffic monitoring systems. These devices, first produced for Siemens, were developed and produced in-house and sold.

After a short time the Jacknau-traffic control system was one of the most popular devices in the field. The deployment was for the monitoring of red phases of traffic lights, pedestrian zones, one-way streets, etc. The robust Jacknau Registration camera is an essential part of these devices and also found in other manufacturers use.

In 1970 Alex Jacknau Filmaufnahme- und Bearbeitungsgeräte GmbH was founded, which took over the activities of Alex Jacknau Präzisions-Mechanik.

In 1979 a further production line takes place – the production of thermo-photo-graphic equipment for breast cancer for Bayer AG.

In cooperation with the Agfa-Gevaert some individual device groups – such as cameras and scanners – included Agfa-Gevaert in the Agfa camera, so that the activities and production of microfilm volumes decreased with us.

Due to this development, we decided to develop our own sales and marketing activities on the microfilm area, and presented us at the Hanover Fair 1980 for the first time as an independent producer.

The microfilm offering was to that point developed by Jacknau SF 1000 microfiche and the camera on a Kontophot construction declining, worldwide proven library camera S B1 U.

In the years 1981 to 1983 extensive new and further developments were made on the Mikrofiche market. Thus, the high-performance cameras SF 3000 and SF 4000, and the computer microfilm Visodater systems were developed and introduced to the world market.

At the same time, the red light monitoring light devices have been developed, so that later the demand for calibration of gauges could be met.

The respective approval by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig was granted.

The construction and production of the traffic monitoring systems ended in 2012, because of the changes in this market. The digital camera systems reached also in this market. The maintenance and repair work for operating equipment and facilities, is still performed by us.

The spring production was built parallel to it. It provides for several decades the main part of our business. Started with mechanical-hydraulic spring making machines and up to 40 employee who took turns or loops bent manually in piece-work. We have now reached in modern CNC spring forming machines, produce the various types of springs and measured simultaneously.

While it was mainly for carburetor springs, mechanical equipment or machinery, there are now some sophisticated high-end products that are made of special materials in the most precise measuring machine with laser scanning and 100% -  control.

The ever more demanding requirements clientele in the fields of automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, medical, locking system vendors and more, expected today the highest precision at world market prices.

We have accepted these challenges and will continue to be a reliable partner for our customers in the future …